Discover, Track and Manage Fixed and Mobile Assets

AssetVue mobile asset management sofware discovers, tracks and manages the entire asset inventory within an organization.

The assets are discovered with an iPhone or Android device using the AssetVue Mobile app to connect to the AssetVue central system. The mobile device enables you to identify which location you are at right down to the individual room by the use of a virtual image of your organization or site. Assets can be discovered and identified by barcode and/or picture. The discovered assets are then matched against a product icon and are automatically placed within the location. Details such as serial number can be added at this point. Our mobile asset management software will make tracking, auditing and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) recording a simplified and efficient procedure in the future. Assets can be identified on an audit via barcodes, asset icons and picture recognition.

AssetVue Mobile Features

Mobile asset tracking throughout the organization

Efficient data capture of fixed and removable assets

Remote or multi-site asset tracking

Full asset inventory

PAT testing recording

Automatic audit mode

Image capture of assets and rooms

AssetVue Mobile Benefits

Automated audits eliminating the manual process

Efficient decisions about deployment, maintenance, repair or replacement

Instant information from the centralized reporting facilities

Reduced procurement costs on replacement and lost assets

Improves insurance claim process