Issue Resolution

Haphazard non-integrated

May utilize a mix of pc applications, hand written fax requests, email, phone calls, inter-office mail, pigeons and prayer. Orders based on critical shortage; in other words, the guy ordering for the department is only informed after product inventory has been depleted. This rush order mentality increases overall costs a minimum of 30%.


Web based application fully integrated with procurement and accounting. Color-coded messaging, ticket system and tracking. User specific catalog with intelligent VSB™ generated order recommendations to eliminate over and under stocking. VSB™ advisories if followed eliminate 98% of rush orders and all over stock.

Infinite Universe Infinite Problems

Are your users lost in a sea of infinity? Millions of custom manufactured and stock products, thousands of vendors, not sure which way to go?

User Specific Catalog

Eliminates the possibility of ordering the wrong product. Rights based management means users only see those items which meet their approved needs and approved budget.